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 What is a manual action in SEO?


Publication date : 21 June 2021 • Updated 1 November 2022.

A manual action is a sanction taken by Google when a site violates the webmaster quality guidelines of the search engine.

Black hat seo practices can be subject to manual actions when they are detected by the SQT (Search Quality Team) of Google.

List of manual actions :

  • Site infected with spam
  • User-generated spam
  • Host associated with spam
  • Problem with data structures
  • Artificial links to the site
  • Artificial links on the site
  • Poor or uninformative content
  • Techniques for hiding text and image content
  • Accumulation of keywords
  • Non-correspondence of AMP content
  • Misleading redirects
  • Non-compliance with Google News and Discover policies

The manual actions (as well as the description of the problem) are visible in the Google Search Console in the tab “security and manual actions”. dans l’onglet “sécurité et actions manuelles”.

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