What is a Title Tag?


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The Title Tag is one of the major elements of on-page referencing (SEO) for the optimization of natural referencing and the good positioning of a website.

The content of this tag will be included in the results pages of search engines and informs the content of a web page for search engines and Internet users.

How to optimize a Title Tag?

The optimization of a Title Tag is to find the balance between the immediate understanding of the content of the web page by Internet users and the placement of keywords for search engines.

What size is a Title Tag?

In the search engine results pages (SERP), the length of the Title Tag of a page is limited in pixels.
If the content of the tag is too long, Google will cut it off at the display. The maximum length of a Title Tag is therefore 60 to 65 characters (including spaces).

One Title Tag per page

Each page of a site must have a single Title Tag with a unique text describing its content.

Inserting keywords

Each Title Tag must contain the expression or keywords of the targeted query.

How to measure the attractiveness of a Title Tag?

Taken into account by search engines in the evaluation and positioning of pages in the SERPs, the click-through rate and the bounce rate are key indicators to measure the attractiveness of a Title Tag and the content of the visited page.