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Going on an adventure to travel the world, we all dream of it. But some destinations offer offbeat, unusual or even WTF activities. And this is precisely the niche of the Memory agency which specializes in the most memorable and crazy trips possible.

The pyramids of Egypt, the swings of Bali, the Wall of China,… It’s all great but we are in classic tourism. How about visiting Chernobyl, North Korea, driving a tank in Russia, riding a plane in full flight or having a barbecue on an active volcano? These are the kind of activities offered by Memory Travel Agency. Specialized in the unusual, the offbeat and the WTF, this Lyon-based company aims to revolutionize travel through activities that are each more crazy (and interesting) than the last.

From the simple atypical trip to the private event (EVJF, birthdays, weddings, team-building,…), the only ambition of Memory agency is to surprise you with its 250 activities spread over more than 30 destinations around the world. Machine gun shooting, fighter plane piloting, visit of a Soviet bunker with fake interrogation by a KGB agent or fake kidnapping, all the craziest ideas (or almost) are made possible by Memory, the only limit being the respect of human rights and carbon emission compensation.

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